You know part of your purpose is to pour into the lives of others. But sometimes you need to be refreshed.


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Join us at Lost Valley Ranch

We have chosen Lost Valley Ranch in Sedalia, Colorado, as the perfect backdrop for our time together.  Set against 26,000 acres of Pike National Forest, we will experience the majestic Rocky Mountains like never before.

In this amazing setting, we will have paradigm-shifting conversations about what it looks like to lead out of a fullness of life characterized by being with Jesus. This will be a true retreat…characterized by space, time in nature, teaching, interactive tools and experiences, and connection with other leaders

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Meet Your Guides


Aaron Williams

Aaron is a pastor, worship leader, and songwriter. He and his wife, Mallory, have been a part of Fellowship bible Church for nearly a decade and have two sons: Michael West and Beckham. As a co-founder of the Dwell, Aaron is passionate about helping people experience God’s presence in new and personal ways. Aaron also travels as part of We The Union.


Kathryn Maack

Kathryn Maack led women’s ministry at Fellowship Bible Church for the past six years and is a co-founder of Dwell. Married to BJ for 21 years, they have three girls and a boy – Libby, Anna, Rachel, and Andrew. She loves writing, art, music, and developing experiences that draw people to the beauty of Jesus.


Aaron Keyes

For the last 15 years, the Keyes family has been rooted in Grace Fellowship Church, where Aaron still serves as a worship pastor. In 2008, the Keyes launched their worship school, where four students cam to live in their basement and on their tour bus for six months of “real, gritty, shared-life, and on-the-job discipleship.” Since then, many worship leaders from around the world have come through their home, gone through their training, and become part of their broader family, 10,000 Fathers.

Qualifications For Attending

  1. A commitment to 10 hours of pre-work which includes reading and two projects. (to be sent to you Sept 15)

  2. A willingness let go of clutter and be open to the Spirit’s new work in your life.

  3. A desire to unify behind the “main things” of Scripture and a general agreement with the mission and values of Dwell. (link to last page of doc Kathryn sent)

WHY you’ll be happy you came with us  

The Lord can speak to us in the middle of our work days,

or in the middle of raising kids. 

But there is something special about getting away

 to a unique setting that can mark a moment

and open our eyes to new truths. 

God used burning bushes, mountain encounters,

and other memorable experiences

to wake his people up to him in new ways. 

You might be leading in a church or leading in your neighborhood. 

Wherever you are leading, you can’t impart what you don’t possess.   

We hope that upon our return we can pour into others out of a fullness

of being with Jesus, with new memories and new tools for the next season.

November 10-13, 2019
Join us at Lost Valley Ranch


Limited spots available


Includes: Content, lodging, meals, transportation to/from the Denver airport, and more. Deadline for Registration: September 15

Dwell Retreat at Lost Valley – November 10-13, 2019


This will lock in your spot for our upcoming retreat in Sedalia, CO. For questions, please feel free to visit our FAQ page or email (all hyperlinks)