Dwell centers around one essential reality: you and I were meant to live our lives with God. Dwell grew out of a desire for followers of Jesus to awaken to the truth that life with God is available here and now. We want more than just knowing information about God, but to actually know Him personally and deeply. We want to take intentional steps away from shallow faith into a deeper, transformative journey of discipleship.

We believe the most compelling message to the world comes from individuals and communities following after Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. We invite anyone who is hungry for this type of change in the church to be a leader in this movement.

We pray for God to transform our churches and communities by transforming each of us as we rediscover what it means to dwell with Him.

— Aaron Williams & Kathryn Maack, Co-founders
@aaronwmusic), (@kat_maack)



Yahweh, The Uncreated One, came upon Dwell 2019 in power and truth. Indeed it was an unbelievable experience of learning, peace, community, and worship.

Speakers from all over the world joined us this year for Dwell, and we are thrilled to share their messages with you.

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